The Difference

All dog walkers love dogs – we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t! However, to be a successful dog walker and to truly bring out the best in each pet that is in your care, you need to understand that walking a dog is more than just clipping on a leash.

With The Dog’s Life, you will get more than just a walk. A good walk enforces good manners, lets the dog have fun in a structured way and is a great opportunity for basic training. From advanced heeling and focus to simply reinforcing not to pull, I will make sure every walk keeps your dog a good canine citizen. My focus is completely on the dogs and ensuring their happiness and well-being, not on running out the clock or fitting as many dogs into one walk as I can.

Having dealt with hundreds of dogs at every stage in their training, I know the best way to communicate and influence their behaviour is through positive reinforcement training. This means that I only use rewards to motivate and encourage the dogs to do the desired behaviour. I will never use harsh verbal or physical corrections to scare or intimidate a dog into listening. What this means is the dogs I work with want to listen to me, because they know good behaviour gets them rewards, which makes walking and training FUN! A dog that is trained with positive reinforcement methods is a dog that wants to learn and will look to you for direction.

This means that my walks are fun, stress-free and doubly tiring for the dog because not only are they burning physical energy, they’re also burning mental energy trying to figure out the right thing to do to earn them their next reward. I can work on basic commands, leash manners, or simply making sure your dog isn’t going nuts on the end of the leash. The more the dogs practice this with me, the easier it translates to everywhere else in the dog’s life.

Who knew a walk could be so much more than just a walk?

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