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$15 per 30 minutes

$25 per 60 minutes

Group Walk

Our group walk combines exercise and socialization. These walks will always be leashed and in your neighbourhood. The reason my walks are always done on leash is to ensure safety and to avoid accidents that can happen from off-leash play that involves unknown dogs and people.

I will only walk well-matched dogs together, so you can be sure that your dog is enjoying their walk with friends.


$18 per 30 minutes

$28 per 60 minutes

Private Walk

This walk is perfect for puppies, seniors, or dogs that prefer the company of people to other dogs.
Your dog will get a tailored walk just for them! Whether that’s a leisurely stroll or a fast paced walk, your dog’s walk will always suit their unique needs.

$25 per 60 minutes

Puppy Visits

Puppies need a lot of care and attention. While you’re at work during the day, it’s important your puppy gets the chance to have a bathroom break, as well as the chance to socialize and burn off some of that puppy energy!

From 8 weeks to around 6 months old, puppies cannot hold their bladders for the entire day. Rather than come home to accidents and a hyper puppy – book a puppy visit and come home to a happy, relaxed pup that’s ready to cuddle.


Dog Sitting

Whether you are leaving for one night, or an extended period, our dog sitting is perfect for keeping your dog happy and comfortable at home. I will keep your dog's routine the same for feeding, exercising, sleeping (and of course cuddling!) to minimize their stress while you’re gone.

$50 per dayIncludes overnight & 2 walks per day. $5 per additional pet.

Cat Visits

While you’re away, we will come in as many times as requested to feed, clean the litter box, cuddle, play and administer any medication if required. Same fee applies for small animal visits as well.

$15 per 30 min.

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